We live in a exciting time. CAD software, 3D printing and sourcing platforms allow to create new products and go to market faster.

Our integrated services enable SME, startups and makers to develop their projects, and take advantage of these exciting possibilities.


Concept design and 3D modeling

Customised services to develop small series for advertising, gifts, toys.


  • Competitors research
  • Definition of the client needs
  • 3D sculpting, shaping
  • Rendering visualisation
  • 3D printed mock-ups


Product design

Product development
from requirements to specifications


  • 3D modeling and parametric assembly simulation (CAD)
  • Integration with any 3D shape 
  • BOM, technical drawings, specifications
  • 3D printing, CNC milling prototyping
  • Contact with manufacturers and management


design consultancy

Embrace the paradigm shift in thinking new products.

As customers become more aware of the ecological impact of everyday products, companies are challenged to address the shift of perception and pressure from new regulations, taking responsibility of the entire life cycle of new products.

  • Design based on Life Cycle Assessment
  • Design for disassembly
  • Bio-degradable plastics consultancy
  • Consultancy on Circular business model creation

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