Unimatic and photo stacking

Reading the September 14 issue of the Colossal newsletter, I came across the winners of the Nikon 2021 Photomicrography Contest, an award dating back to 1975, showcasing beautiful images that could be used as inspiration both for horror sci-fi movies and product design.

Eye of a horsefly (Tabanus sudeticusOliver Dum

Hind leg of a male frog-legged beetle (Sagra buquetiDr. Andrew Mark Posselt

Slime mold (Comatricha nigraTimothy Boomer

Slime mold (Arcyria pomiformisAlison Pollack

These photos are taken using Focus stacking, a technology “similar in principle to HDR photography. However, images are captured with different focus points and later combined” (credits).

That reminded the teachings of my friend Moro at Unimatic Watches, a watchmaking company based in Milan that creates beautiful diving watches. Last time I was in their headquarters he showed me the photo studio inside their headquarters, where some of their shots are taken with this technique.

Unimatic – Modello Uno

I took pictures of a huge plastic box with every Unimatic model ever made, some of them now on sale at an aftermarket price three times the original price. And my pixel 3 was doing his job pretty well, as you can see below.

So I found out that the HDR+ function of the Pixel 3 not only manages the lighting, but also the focus, by doing several images with different apertures, as it can be be seen in the “Portrait mode”.