Develop innovative product lines in a lean fashion.

Industrial product design integrated services


Small series – design your idea

loyalties – gifts – toys  

We offer a fully tailored service to develop small series for advertising, loyalty and toys,

from the definition of the client needs, a dialogue that evolves with continuous exchange of mock-ups, photo-realistic renderings,

creating positive feedback loops where our clients can touch and feel their ideas come to reality.


We offer:

  • competition research
  • sketching multiple solutions
  • rendering and presentations
  • mock-ups

Prototyping – make it work

model – prototype – visualize



Your company is seeking a bridge to the manufacturing 

you awnt to outsource the development of 3D modeles that can be tested whith rapid prototyping,

before being sent to the manufacturing

we offer:

  • components and assembly
  • geometric dimensioning & tolerancing
  • prototyping
  • contact with trird party manufacturers


Sustainable products consultancy – make it sustainable

As customers become more aware of the ecological impact of everyday products, companies are challenged to address the shift of perception and pressure from new regulations, taking responsibility of the entire life cycle of new products.

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